Sunday, July 08, 2012

First vacation of 2012

Sechelt was overall a fun trip and good experience for all. It's funny with the kids though, despite their talk and excitement they love coming home. We spent 4 days and 3 nights at a beautiful (albeit rustic) house right on the water. The most important point, I got to go too! 
Sechelt 2012 16
Malcolm loves travelling, he was a travelling superstar. He slept well, ate well and adjusted well to all the changes. Melody had fun with all the changes as well, but sleeping continues to be a bit of a challenge. Roger and Tracey started the kids out together in the same room, but it became quickly apparent that it wasn't going to work. To be fair to Malcolm, they pulled her out of the shared bedroom and gave her a room all to herself. It was the first time she slept in a bed that wasn't a crib. They surrounded the bed with pillows to prevent any late night tumbles and luckily she did manage to fall asleep. The best scenario worked with Tracey sleeping in the bed next to her, which seemed to give her the most comfort. Tracey even said that Melody would touch her throughout the night to make sure she was there. Anyway, the family got to spend some time away playing at the beach and finally enjoying some sunny summer weather. Here are some pics from the trip below. To see the whole set click this link.
Sechelt 2012 21
Sechelt 2012 11
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