Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Our trip to Kelowna.

We were lucky enough to be invited by some friends to their parent's vacation home in Kelowna. It is a very beautiful property right on the lake. Malcolm had a chance to experience some firsts: first time floating on his own in a life jacket, first time on a Sea-Doo and first time in a pleasure boat to ride the tube. Melody didn't much like riding on the boat, but she sure did have fun playing with the other girls on the trip. Being the youngest, all the older girls work very naturally to be big sister to her. They carry her around, hold her hand down the stairs and generally keep a good eye on her. The drive was a bit of a worry, but the kids did fine. It's hard to be cooped up in the car for 5 hours, but it was more than worthwhile. Roger got to work in the kitchen (he really loves cooking on vacation for a group of people) and the kids played so well together, Tracey even got to have some adult conversation while enjoying some beverages. Kelowna 2012 Kelowna 2012DSC_1860 - 2012-07-15 at 12-33-19Kelowna 2012 Kelowna 2012

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