Sunday, September 16, 2012

Carnival at Malcolm's School.

Lord Kelvin Carnival 2012 Malcolm's school had a carnival on Friday to help raise funds for the playground. A few rides, some games and cotton candy for the kids to enjoy. I'm not sure how much money was raised, but from the line-ups all the events and attractions seemed to be pretty busy. Malcolm had fun with his classmate Filip, going on rides together and sharing some treats. It's too bad Malcolm couldn't exhibit the same enthusiasm for school. Last week there were a couple of crying episodes in the morning. He just can't seem to get used to being left for school, he wants Mom and Dad to stay with him. Somehow he's regressed, cause for the most part he never acted like that in Kindergarten. The strangest thing is that he's so exuberant and happy at the end of the day and always makes a point about how much fun he had. It's maddening. Here are some pictures from the carnival. Lord Kelvin Carnival 2012 Lord Kelvin Carnival 2012 Lord Kelvin Carnival 2012 DSC_4873 - 2012-09-14 at 18-23-36

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