Monday, January 13, 2014

Birthday parties and the beginning of skating lessons.

So with the return back to school Roger and Tracey have enrolled the kids in skating lessons again. Unfortunately, Melody's worst nightmare came true, a male instructor and not a single other girl in her class, d'oh! Suffice to say her first lesson was christened with some tears and upset feelings. Malcolm on the other hand, went off on his merry way and had a great time. Also, we can say for the first time ever, he's not the smallest one in his class! He's doing quite well and feels comfortable. We'll have to see what this week brings. Roger may have to step out on the ice with Melody to make her feel better.

This past weekend, it was birthday party overload with both Camila and Alexander celebrating their parties. It's a kid melee at these types of parties, all topped off with cheese pizza, juice boxes and cake. Two pretty big parties on the weekend. On Saturday we celebrated at the bowling alley celebrating Camila's 6th and Alexander's big bash celebrating his first on Sunday. Here are some pictures from both events:









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