Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Palm Springs 2014

Well, it's been a super long while since my last blog entry. Whew a lot to report! Sad news is that Papa is still in the hospital. Apparently, it looks like a few more weeks to deal with all the residual issues. Suffice to say he's considerably weaker so they need to get his strength up before any immediate homecoming. We've all been vigilantly visiting him every day, it's especially hard on Grandma.

The family is back from Palm Springs, such a relief. From the sounds of things the trip was a great success. Carol, Gomo, Uncle Glen and Grandma took good care of me though.

The trip down to California did apparently start with a bit rocky ride with a 2 hour delay in San Francisco, but for the most part the kids did pretty well dealing with all the running around. The house the family rented was beautiful and having a pool certainly allowed the kids to be perpetually entertained. The one downside is the safety issue, small children + pool requires constant monitoring. Some basic house rules were set up and for the most part everyone complied. As always the vacation was filled with good food, good times and lots of great memories. A great way to spend spring break. The next trip is planned for August, this time I get to go too! Whoo hoo! Here's a slideshow of the images Roger took during the trip.

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