Monday, October 13, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving....gobble gobble.

This is the first Thanksgiving without Papa Mel. We can certainly say he's dearly missed. To be perfectly honest tonight's dinner did have a bit of a toned down feel, I'd even say a dinner that was missing that special something, or probably in this case that special someone. The kids did their best to distract us from it all. How fast time flies, especially considering Nicole is now in her first term of University. That topic and Nicole's quirky sense of humour certainly kept the conversation going. The dinner was very nice, Tracey, Roger and Mom put out a very nice spread. They passed on the full turkey dinner this time, cooking a turkey roll and a small ham with all the trimmings. Grandma's fresh baked buns are always a huge hit. I think Malcolm ate three of them! We also missed having Gomo at dinner tonight too. It's hard to think that she's a few thousand miles away in Korea.

The weather here in Vancouver is finally starting to turn. Roger mentioned how cool and windy it was at the range this morning. Perhaps those hot sunny afternoons will now subside into wet and windy ones going forward. Melody will finally have to come to the realization that she'll have to wear some warmer clothes maybe even socks. Here are a few shots Roger took during dinner. Happy Thanksgiving folks.







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