Friday, November 28, 2014

Happy Birthday Melody.

"The years go by fast, but the days are long". This is something that Roger firmly believes in. Sometimes everyday can be a struggle when you're dealing with raising kids. These days the kids push each-other to the limit. Roger and Tracey often think about instituting the 'get-along' shirt. It's funny cause when they do get along, they're the best of friends, but other times we're not so sure. Roger and Tracey would probably say that sibling rivalry is the single most stressful and volatile issue in the house. If they could eliminate that, most days would be stress-free and peaceful. Let's hope for the sake of their parent's sanity, they grow out of it soon.

So preparations are in place for setting up for the big birthday party tonight. Melody is having a 'Frozen' party. The decorations are set, food is being prepared, and the guests will start arriving this evening for a fun filled night of yummy food and a screening of the movie.

untitled-2.jpg Stay tuned for more pics from the party.

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