Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Cousin Minseo

Our cousin/nephew Minseo has been in town. He's visiting from Oregon State University. Roger took him out to play hockey, even though he's never played before. He actually did great! All of Roger's friends have been super nice to him, offering advice and tips along the way. Last weekend he went trap shooting and to the Richmond Night Market with the family. Here are some pics from his time in Vancouver. Sadly, he'll be leaving for Seattle and then back to Korea to fulfil his military service obligations. So suffice to say, he'll be taking a LOA from school. He now wants to transfer to the University of Washington or perhaps even UBC or SFU. For Father's Day we got to have dinner together with the whole family, well most of the family. untitled-1.jpg untitled-4.jpg untitled-1.jpg untitled-19.jpg untitled-23.jpg untitled-31.jpg untitled-37.jpg untitled-40.jpg

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