Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Behind on posts.

I'm severely behind on posts this month. Past is the blood moon, thanksgiving gone like the turkey, the leaves on the trees are a changing and we all march on toward the next big semi-holiday... Halloween. Oh, I'm also going in for some minor surgery this Friday to take care of a growth that's been on my lower eyelid for over 2 years. Unfortunately, over the past few weeks it looks like it's growing in size. The vet wants to remove it, just in case it's melanoma.

The "Blood Moon":

Roger's Trap Shoot Shootout Fall Invitational went off without a hitch. Even though the pineapple express rain storm was scheduled to blow through the tournament was a success. Roger even ended up winning top prize. untitled-1.jpg Lots of fall photoshoots these days with the onset of Autumn. Here's a collage with Jennine and the girls. It's amazing to see how much the girls have grown. Trenholme Collage Here's thanksgiving. Oh and two amazing Northern Flickers that were perched on the garage, doing the mating dance. untitled-5.jpg untitled-1.jpg untitled-2.jpg untitled-3.jpg untitled-7.jpg untitled-8.jpg

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