Monday, February 15, 2016

Family flu

This past week has been especially tough on the family. Roger got hit with the flu on Sunday night and Family Day Monday and Tuesday. He was running a high fever for three days. The kids seemed to get it on the Tuesday with lower grade fevers themselves. Melody's had it for almost a week now and the cough is just relentless. Malcolm luckily got off with some minimal symptoms, but stayed home last Thursday as well. Both kids did manage to get through Friday as they didn't want to miss any Valentine's Day celebrations. With so many kids away I think festivities suffered anyway. As a special Valentine's Day surprise, Tracey and Roger put on a sort of hunt with a super big surprise at the end. They arranged a series of clues throughout the house with some small V-Day gifts along the way. Anyway, here's how the clues read:

We love you both We think you're the best Now search for a place
Where Obi can rest Here you scrub a dub dub Splash and get wet
It's one of your favorite places I bet

When this is on it makes lots of noise
And we have to be careful not to suck up the toys
This place is chilly and Keeps our food icy
Ice cream lives here
But nothing too spicy

We sit here when it's time to eat
Now look for a clue under your seat
When the mail comes It lands right here

The end of the hunt is now quite near
M&M we love you a lot,
But life would be better if you never fought
How about a trip with us and some friends
To a place where the fun never ends

Go to the computer room and find your last clue!
Hi M&M, It's been a while
Can you come to our place
For some fun and a smile? Love the other M&M

That's right folks, we're heading back to Disneyland for Spring Break.

Here's the video:

Disneyland Treasure Hunt from Obiwanhavanese on Vimeo.


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