Wednesday, July 06, 2016

End of year field trip for Malcolm.

So Malcolm ended up with four B's and three A's when all was said and done. B's in Language Arts, Science, PE, and Fine Arts. A's in Math, Social Studies, and Health and Career Development. All in all we were happy with the results, but there are still issues of motivation (or lack thereof) and continuing bad attitudes. We hope that he'll turn it around in Grade 5 and to make sure Roger and Tracey have enlisted the services of a tutor. After this week, they're going to bring the tutor in at least once a week to at least keep up good study habits. Melody is now reading at level 17! That's tremendous progress for her. Grade 1's should be reading at levels of 14-16. The kids have grown a lot since September: link. Here are some pictures from the end of the school year including Malcolm's trip to Cultus Lake Waterpark with his class. untitled-4.jpg untitled-6.jpg untitled-8.jpg untitled-7.jpg untitled-1.jpg untitled-3.jpg untitled-4.jpg

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