Friday, May 12, 2006


Roger is crazy about his new car. He spent two hours this morning washing and waxing it today. I watched him do it in the garage this morning, but I got tired so I took a nap on his seat. He was polishing so hard that he was working up a sweat!

Roger told me that Grandma Janey's house is going under some renovation, he's arranged to have the floors re-done in laminante. Roger went there this morning to pull all the baseboards out. Andrew also came over for a visit. I was very excited to see him.

Oh, Grandma and Grandpa are back from Reno too. Grandma got sick from something she ate, but good thing she's feeling better now. Grandpa also picked up a cough, the doctor said it might be an infection. They think it's from all the smoke in the Casinos in Reno. All they wanted was a little get-away, but they both came back sick. Poor peeps.

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