Thursday, August 03, 2006

My Graduation.

Well, I did it. I graduated from Basic Obedience yesterday, and not only that I graduated top of the class. Roger and Tracey wanted to put the graduation picture and a picture of my certificate on the blog. It was a difficult and long eight weeks, but I did it. I'm very proud of myself. I even managed to defend my title as "Musical Chair Champion" again this term. Jaime thinks I'm ready for the next class, which is way more advanced. I think I have to do things like broad jump, long sits and downs, and even better healing without a leash, sheesh who do you think I am Lassie? Anyway, I'm glad it's over, I'll have about three weeks to prepare for that one. Meanwhile, Roger and Tracey will be working on the nursery, painting, decorating and trying to settle on a name. They had an easier time naming me! Oh, I'd like to send a shout out to Lane who was visiting from Calgary. He wasn't able to stay very long, but he was nice to me. Next time maybe he can stay longer. Take care and all the best to you.

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