Saturday, August 12, 2006

Roger and Tracey working on the nursery.

Roger and Tracey have been off all week. It's been renovation central at the house. Roger finished painting the baby's room, painting the murals and even putting in the baseboards. It's been a loud and disruptive several days. I think everyone is glad that the room is almost finished. I think they still want to re-do the dresser. They decoupaged it with some pictures of snoopy, but I don't think they're entirely happy with it. The room is bright yellow, I think the Home Depot paint sample called it bicycle yellow. It looks really great, I just hope the baby likes it.

Tracey's friend Michelle also sent us three boxes of baby clothes. The little baby has more clothes than Roger, and he's not even born yet! Anyway, Roger and Tracey are very well prepared, they are doing their best to be ready.

Here are some pictures of the room and me helping. That's all for now.

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