Friday, November 17, 2006

Adjusting to baby life.

The weather has been terrible the last while in Vancouver, it's been raining hard everyday. There's actually a water advisory here, all drinking water has to be boiled due to the turbidity. I'm hoping the rain will end soon, but the newsman says that there's another storm coming in on Sunday. I guess I wouldn't mind the rain so much if Roger wasn't so diligent in brushing and blow-drying me after we go for our walks, sheesh!

Being home with Malcolm and Tracey all day is sure different than being alone during the day. I'm getting used to them now. The crying takes some getting used to though. Malcolm will hopefully settle into a routine soon. Last night was the best night so far, we were able to get three, two hour naps through the night. Roger said that after a few months Malcolm should be getting better at sleeping through the night. Let's all hope that's true. Here's a picture of he and I together:

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