Friday, November 10, 2006

Five days old now!

Wow, it sure is an adjustment having a new baby in the house. Roger and Tracey are up every two to three hours, feeding, burping and consoling my little bro. At first I was so confused. I can't help but try to look in the crib to see why he's crying. Roger told me that because he's so young crying is the only way he communicates that he needs something. My sleep schedule is all messed up too now. Since I also get up with Roger and Tracey every time they go to Malcolm, I am sure tired. It's strange to think that only last week, I could sleep all day and just save up my energy until Roger and Tracey came home from work. Somehow since they stay home all day, my nap time has disappeared.

Roger was going through his baby pictures and came across one that very much resembles Malcolm. The picture on the left was taken 34 years ago when Roger was in the incubator. The picture on the right is of my new baby bro. Can you see the resemblance?

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Anonymous said...

M doesn't look as distressed... or plastic-y.