Thursday, November 02, 2006

No internet for almost 2 weeks!

Well Telus finally fixed out internet problem at home. We've been unable to connect to the web for over a week now, I'm glad they finally fixed it.

My baby brother is due in two weeks, crazy huh! Everyone has told Roger and Tracey that their lives are going to change, I guess that applies to me too. Tracey's belly is ever-so-big, it's been months since she's been able to see her feet, in fact I noticed the other day that anything directly below her is virtually invisible to her. She's been feeling some tightness and strain, I guess that's to be expected since the baby is over six pounds now. Roger said that the visit to the doctor went well. Next week is Tracey's last week of work, then she'll be off for a year! Whoo hoo....I won't be alone at home for a long time.

Here's a picture of Tracey and me when she was 37 weeks pregnant.

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