Saturday, January 13, 2007

Feeling much better.

A week ago I was at the vet and, I can tell you, being home is a lot better. Roger and Tracey are happy that the vomiting has stopped. I'm still taking some antibiotics, I think there are only two left. Roger is sneaky, he puts the pill in a little ball of meat, I know it's there, shhh don't tell him. This way I get a special treat twice a day.

Oh, the snow is back again accompanied by chilly temperatures, I think it was minus 6 degrees today. The snow has covered the streets and sidewalks of Vancouver. It sticks to me when I'm out walking and then do my legs ever weigh a ton! Roger had an idea and put a pair of Malcolm's socks on me before our walk, but they fell off in the snow. Malcolm and Tracey are feeling slightly better, but they both still seem to have stuffy noses. We've all been hoping that Malcolm would start sleeping through the night, but we haven't had much luck in that department. His sleep sessions seem to vary between 2-4 hours. Here are some new pics; Malcolm will be 10 weeks old tomorrow.

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