Monday, January 08, 2007

Had to see the vet and stay at the hospital.

I spent three days at Atlas Animal Hospital. Roger took me there because I kept throwing up at home. I really scared Roger and Tracey when I threw up some blood. At the hospital, they took x-rays and did blood tests and put an IV drip in my paw. It's a good thing I'm not a show dog because they had to shave the hair on my leg to insert the IV. It turns out that I have a stomach infection and after taking some antibiotics I should be as good as new. Was I ever glad to see Roger and Tracey when they picked me up yesterday. It's not very fun to stay at the hospital with strangers; I missed my toys, food and peeps! I've been spending a lot of time napping since I got home and am feeling much better now. Here' s a picture of me before my IV bandage came off.

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