Monday, February 12, 2007


I think Grandma Nan is trying to turn Malcolm into a garden gnome. She made him a hat and I swear that he's the spitting image of a garden gnome I've seen before, what do you think... separated at birth huh?

It was Grandpa Mel's birthday on the weekend, the family enjoyed a Chinese dinner feast! Grandpa Mel got a nice wallet and tickets to a show from Roger and Tracey. He received a gift certificate for the Casino from Glen, Manjit, Nicole and Joseph. I was a bit naughty at the dinner, it was a perfectly laid plan actually. I told Malcolm to distract the family by smiling and looking cute and I sneakily jumped up to the table and got a few good licks in on the cheesecake. I must have licked the cake about three times until Grandma Nan and Tracey noticed, next time I'll have to get Malcolm to distract them for longer... he and I are going to be a great team!

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