Thursday, February 08, 2007

Weight watchers?

Tracey said that I've lost three pounds. My stomach has been feeling a bit strange lately, but as for the sudden weight loss, I'm not exactly sure why? Roger did mention that he felt that I've been eating less and that I've had less appetite. Roger has even gone to lengths to upgrade my dinner by adding some chicken, yogurt and rice to my kibble. I managed to scarf all that down no problem. With the dietary supplements, they hope that I'll gain back the weight soon, cause I know what the consequences are... another trip to the vet. Tracey took Malcolm and me on a big walk to the park, it was nice to get outside and run around, she even let me run around in the tennis courts.

Malcolm is doing well. He's a little chubster, here's a picture of him trying Roger's ice skates on, a little big don't you think?

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