Thursday, May 03, 2007

Safe and sound.

After waiting for 3.5 hours at the passport office in Richmond, Roger made it out safe and sound. Can you believe that the first person in line started lining up at 1:30 in the morning? That's crazy. I mean Roger got there at 6am and managed to get out at 9:30am. That's not too bad considering how many people were actually in the line. So even though it was cold and wet, because of Roger's perseverance..... in about six weeks Roger and Malcolm's passport should arrive and they'll be able to travel across the border.

On a sad note, the Canucks lost in double overtime despite the efforts of Roberto Luongo. It was a nice playoff run albeit short. After all, most people didn't think the Canucks would make it to the playoffs let alone to the second round. We have high hopes for next year! At least they finished above the Leafs and Flames.

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