Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Budding artist in our midst.

Malcolm has been attending a toddler activity class at the community centre. He gets to play and do art projects. His latest creation was a fingerpainting that ended up being a puddle of paint. For the time being he's just fascinated with squishing the paint between his fingers. Here is his latest work of art below, kinda looks like a rorschach ink blot. He had a little help from Tracey. I think I see a dragonfly, what do you see?

Here's a little girl that we met at the park. She took a liking to Malcolm's spoons. Malcolm had the deathgrip on them, nice try girly, maybe next time.

He sure did enjoy Roger's ice cream. He practically chased Roger all over the park to get another bite.

Roger and Tracey snuck out on Saturday to the horseraces. They went to help Janey celebrate her birthday. Unfortunately no big winnings, maybe next time. Boy those horses can sure run fast, such powerful animals.

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