Friday, July 25, 2008

Malcolm's class and Roger's trip to Winnipeg.

Roger just got back from a meeting in Winnipeg the other day. It has been the three of us fending for ourselves since Sunday afternoon. I'm not sure if it was because Roger was away, but Malcolm had an unsettling experience on Sunday night when trying to go to bed. Tracey managed to calm him down by reading his favorite Thomas the Tank book. In fact, he was so attached to the book he took it in his crib with him to sleep with. Tracey was worried that he'd give himself a papercut as he's been known to thrash around quite a bit through the night. I'm glad to report that he came out unscathed. The funniest thing was that he took the book in the morning and started looking at the pages as soon as he woke up. Tracey and Roger are very happy that Malcolm has taken a keen interest in books, hopefully that will continue always.

Malcolm has been attending his activity class twice a week for two weeks now. Here are some pictures from his class and some pictures of Winnipeg.

Singing songs and playing some musical instruments in class.

Malcolm and the rest of the boys making music.Here's Malcolm's snack time buddy, Quentin. "What are you eating? Tofu, for real?
I love water, let's water Daddy's feet.
"I know I'm wet, but who cares?"
"Hee, hee."
Downtown Winnipeg.
Manitoba Legislature.
View from above, wheat and canola mostly.

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