Wednesday, August 06, 2008

BC Day long weekend.

It was a busy long weekend for the family. There were trips to Science World, rides on the Skytrain, a dip in the Toddler Pool, all topped off by a trip to the beach. Malcolm seems to have outgrown his aversion to the sand, cause as we all remember Hawaii was no walk in the park. A lot of fun things happened this past weekend despite our cancellation of the Whistler trip (crazy freak rockslide). Instead, we'll be heading to Whistler at the end of the month. Here are some pictures from this past week.

Walk on the beach at Jericho.

"Hey Uncle Bill, Choo, Choo!"
The next best thing to riding a real train, Skytrain. Malcolm enjoyed himself very much.
"I love this crazy place called Science World."
More Choo, Choos.
Malcolm can say many words now, about 75 and counting. Here's one he knows in two languages, Airplane and 비행기 .

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Daddy L said...

I'd be surprised we haven't run into each other on more than one occasion. Looks like we frequent similar places.

Keep and eye out!