Monday, August 11, 2008

Visit to the Burnaby Miniature Railway.

Malcolm is very much interested in trains these days. He often sits in the car looking at his Thomas the Tank book for quite long stretches of time. He also loves when the skytrain passes by and repeatedly asks for "More." The trip to the Burnaby Central Railway was a treat. Although you may not tell from the pictures, he was seriously frozen with excitement. Here are some pics from the past weekend.

Conductor driving the train, it's a real steam engine.

Malcolm and Tracey, all aboard!

Hey wait a minute, who's having more fun here anyway?

Now it's Roger's turn.

Let's head down to the playground. Whoo hoo, the slide.

"La la la, I'm a happy boy, la la la..."

Blowin bubbles...

Team effort.

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