Saturday, August 30, 2008

We're back from Whistler.

It was four cold and rainy days at future site of the 2010 Winter Olympics I tell you. Although we were lucky to have been able to reschedule our vacation to Whistler the weather sure didn't cooperate. We were hoping for some warm and sunny weather, oh well. There was a rather exciting moment though, I MET MY HALF SISTER! Can you believe it, we ran into a dog that looked very similar to me and low and behold she was also a Havanese. After some further discussion, we found out that she was also born in Victoria, to the same Dam (Mother). Here are some pictures from the past week.

Here's a picture of my half sister, Livie. See the resemblance, she's only 9 months old.
Cute lil' pup.
Future medal ceremony, we hope. Malcolm was surprised to be awarded the gold medal.
Malcolm at the Whistler Village playground.
Me relaxing with the folks.
In other news, Malcolm's mural is finally finished, here's a picture Roger took last week during its progress.
Over 20 hours invested and this is the final product. Some finishing touches left, but pretty much done. It was a labour of love and hopefully Malcolm will enjoy it for many years to come.

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