Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fun in the August sun.

The family has been having a great summer so far, although I've heard Tracey complaining that it's going too fast (as usual). August has brought heatwaves and rainstorms and even some sunshine. One of Malcolm' s favourite things this summer has been playing with his water table and the garden hose. He really loves water and doesn't even care if it's cold. Sometimes I enjoy a drink from the water table myself; he always encourages me to have "more". Here are a couple of pictures of Malcolm wielding the hose.

Malcolm chillaxing with some tunes.

The family recently spent the day at the PNE. I didn't get to go even though I do consider myself a "super dog". Malcolm especially loved the giant slide. He went on it four times. Melan wasn't so sure about the slide, especially when she almost lost her favourite hat!

Next thing on the family's agenda is a getaway to Whistler. Even Malcolm's favourite cousins are going to be there. Paws crossed that there are no road problems this time and that Malcolm enjoys the long drive. I hope I get to stick my head out the window!

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