Sunday, January 18, 2009

Eating and stuff...

Eating can sure be a challenge for a two-year old toddler. From day to day it's hard to know what to expect, but there are definitely some foods that Malcolm enjoys more than others. For the most part Tracey and Roger do their best to try and get Malcolm to eat new and nutritious things. Here are a list of things that he enjoys on a semi to regular basis.

Rice, whole wheat pancakes, bread products (buns, toast, french toast), scrambled eggs, noodles, turkey dogs, thinly sliced honey ham, yam fries, cheese pizza, grilled cheese, grapes, muffins, ice cream, multigrain Cheerios, yogurt, frozen juice popcicles, milk, diluted juice, mandarins, crackers, pretzels, cereal bars, apples, bananas, keembap (sushi), mandu (dumplings), edamame (soy beans)...

Here's a picture of Malcolm eating lunch, he's enjoying some chicken mandu, sushi, buns, grapes and ham. Don't know if you can tell from the picture, but he's saying: "Cheese."
Malcolm's new pajamas, fire engine ones.
Happy 1st Birthday to Camila.

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