Monday, January 12, 2009

Learning to mimic everything: "That's not good."

It was a really great weekend. The snow is starting to finally disappear and the rain and warmer temperatures are back, definitely back to normal for Vancouver. Malcolm has been his same cheery self and has settled back into the normal routine quite nicely. It is truly amazing to watch the development of a child. We've seen vast improvements in his motor skills and language capabilities. In fact, you really do have to be careful of what you say around him because he starts to parrot every thing you say. The other day Tracey said, "That's not good" and after that point Malcolm has been copying the phrase repeatedly. It's definitely true, this is a fun age. Here are some pictures from the past week.

Malcolm wearing his new Vancouver Canucks Jersey.
We were invited to Ty's house for a brunch on Sunday here are some pics from the event. What do you think of Malcolm's new haircut, Roger did it himself (saved $20).
Malcolm, Melan and Ty working making jewelery, sweat shop child labour... just kidding.
Here's Ty and Janey looking at pictures on the iPod.
Picture of happy baby Asia.

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