Sunday, June 28, 2009

Black Cats, Broken Mirrors, Walking Under Ladders, Opening Umbrellas Indoors, etc...


Obi, originally uploaded by obiwanhavanese.It's been quite a week for the family. Monday morning started with a big crash. Malcolm managed to pull Roger's camera onto the tile floor smashing the lens and giving a good bump to the body. Roger has taken the camera and lens to Nikon and hopefully it will all be repairable. Next, for no apparent reason Roger's watch strap spontaneously disintegrated before his eyes. The beautiful wedding present from Tracey (now also at the repair shop) has been sent to Ontario. I guess the scariest bit of bad news we got was about the development of the baby at Friday's doctor's appointment. Tracey's doctor even scheduled an emergency ultra-sound to confirm. I'm happy to report that all is well with the baby and everything is progressing nicely, all a false alarm. Oh and lastly, Roger has been fighting the stomach flu for the past week, so he's been on a diet of clear consume. What happened this week? Riddled with bad luck, we're hoping that things are now turning around, Roger is on the mend and getting the relieving news from the ultra-sound was the best news yet.

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