Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Roger!

Roger's favorite dessert, Strawberry slice... here's Roger and Malcolm blowing out the candles. Hey, I think there are some candles missing? Special thanks to Grandma for preparing the wonderful treat. From what I've heard, everything was delicious.
It was Roger's birthday last week. He took the day off of work to go golfing with his friends. Ryan was in town so really it was nice for him to spend the day with his buddies. They went to Roger's favorite course, Furry Creek. It's such a picturesque setting with the Howe Sound in the background. They really couldn't complain about the weather either, it's been so warm and sunny for the past several weeks.
Grandpa Harry took the family out for a birthday dinner as well.
Malcolm relaxing at his new favorite playground at Central Park in Burnaby. It has one of the best features, a roller slide.

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