Sunday, September 20, 2009

Apple Swan, Mr. Malcolm?

DSC_3734 - 2009-09-19 at 07-34-10

Roger and Tracey were always very hopeful that Malcolm would be a good eater. As a baby he had quite an appetite, but his preferences as a toddler have been less than desirable. In fact, they often call him "Mr. Picky Pants". Like many kids his age he'll eat everything that is less than healthy for him if given half the chance. Things like ice cream, chips, cookies, and juice never seem to meet satiation; and the typical vegetables and meats are met with disgust and disdain. These days even the fruits he used to eat so eagerly have been met with some resistance. As you can see in the picture (Apple swan above) Roger had to turn up the fun factor to try and get Malcolm to again eat some of the things that were the norm. We all know that this can be a phase of growing up, it's just sad to think that we'll have to wait till he's much older to enjoy some of the delicious opportunities he's passed by till now.

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