Saturday, May 15, 2010

Great fun at Queen Elizabeth Park.

Happy 24 Weeks to Miss Melody. As previously reported, things are going swimmingly well. What more can we ask, she's happy, healthy and developing nicely. We've especially noticed that her hand eye coordination is coming along, she can grasp things, reach for items and even has the skill to take things in and out of her mouth.
Melody @ 23 weeks.
The family took a day trip to Queen Elizabeth Park today and Malcolm had a great time playing in the fountain. Really, good, clean fun not to mention economical. Malcolm's really come a long way, as he gets older he's starting to take more risks and stepping out of his comfort zone. Last year, he would have never stepped in the fountain, this year he was right into it. Now if we could only get him to eat some vegetables! Here are some pictures from today:

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