Saturday, May 22, 2010

Happy Victoria Day - long weekend.

The weather has been quite chilly the last few days, quite a brisk wind. Funny to think it was better in March, I swear we had some warmer days then. All is well with the family, Malcolm's potty train has been rolling down the tracks smoothly. Melody celebrated her 24th week today. All is good with her, she's just been fighting the naps and the night-time put downs still, but like before once she's down; she's been pretty good. You won't meet a happier baby in the morning. We're usually greeted by cooing, laughing and you'd swear some singing every morning. Luckily, we haven't had too many early mornings as she normally wakes up around 7:30am so. Here are some recent pictures of the kids:
Melody @ 24 weeks.
Frisbee/Aerobie technique needs some refining, good thing intensity is there.
Malcolm in action.
Malcolm had a great time at the Burnaby Village Museum yesterday.
Waving hello.
Coming home

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