Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Broccoli Melody and baby-led weaning.

Brocolli Melody
Well with Melody celebrating her 6 month birthday a few days ago, Tracey and Roger have started her on solid food. They're taking a different approach this time and have not started with any of the conventional pureed baby food. They're doing something new called "baby-led weaning". A somewhat newer approach to transitioning a baby to solid food. Basically, they're letting Melody jump right into real food and letting her lead the way. She started on broccoli, peaches, carrots, and bananas so far. She's been doing excellent. She only really manages to eat a tiny amount, but it's all laying a good foundation to generate healthy and nutritious eating habits. This approach apparently thwarts picky eating and we all know her older brother can learn from it. Perhaps, that's the best by-product of this new method, it's made Malcolm more interested in trying some new and different things. Who knows, maybe it will motivate him to eat more vegetables like his baby sister. Wish us luck.

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