Saturday, June 05, 2010

Melody @ 26 weeks

Melody 26 weeks
Melody had her six month shots and all went swimmingly well. We got her weighed and measured and her results were:

Length: 69cm / 27.16inches
Head: 45cm / 17.7inches
Weight: 8730grams / 19.24pounds

She's basically in the 90th - 95th percentile in all categories, whoa! The doctor said that she's more like a 12 month old baby.

The whole family went to Hats Off Day in Burnaby today... it was great. The weather was beautiful. We were lucky enough to be joined by Chad, Wendy and Aaden. Here are some pics:
Westbound on Hastings
Malcolm's Hotrod
Malcolm and Wendy
The whole family, even me.
Aaden and Obi

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