Monday, June 28, 2010

Whoa, what a weekend.

Malcolm and Deana
South Korea was eliminated by Uruguay on Saturday. Quite a match, Korea had several chances to score, but couldn't really capitalize on the play. It was a good run, hopefully they'll do better at the next World Cup in 4 years. On Saturday, Meena, Jody and Jayden came into town for a visit. Everyone went to New Brighton Park for a little picnic. The photo above is Auntie Deana chasing Malcolm. They sure look happy.

Malcolm started his first day of preschool today. Luckily it's a gradual entry to start. Tracey and Roger took him today for an hour and tomorrow a bit longer until he feels comfortable with things. So far so good, he seems to like it. He really likes seeing all the new toys and things. I'm not so sure he's interested in the other kids.
Malcolm's 1st Day of preschool.
Malcolm's 1st Day of preschool.
Here's Melody with Auntie Billie. Happy 7 months to Melody... whoo hoo!
Melody and Auntie Billie

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