Monday, July 11, 2011

Fever part deux.

It's inevitable sometimes isn't it? As soon as Malcolm got better we had almost of week with both of them healthy. Now, it seems that that infection has now hit Melody, luckily her fever hasn't been as high, but Roger and Tracey have been up multiple times a night with her to keep her temperature under control. The bright side is that we still seem glimpses of the happy go lucky girl throughout the day, but it's no secret to anyone that she's not 100%.

Papa has also been going for regular treatments at the hospital to combat an infection he's had in his leg. Oh, when will this whole house finally be healthy? Let's hope soon. Here's a picture of the kids down at the Quay, despite Melody's fever she played and played like nothing was wrong. Malcolm is sporting his new Spiderman hat that Roger bought for him the day before.
Melody and Malcolm

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