Monday, February 06, 2012

Enchantée de faire votre connaissance, Léon.

The family had a chance to visit with the Lee sisters on the weekend over some Poutine, but most importantly meet with Auntie Mimi's son, Léon. Roger mentioned how much he resembles Auntie Mimi, he's a cute little guy. From the sounds of things he's doing quite well, sleeping and eating like a champ. He's even cutting a tooth, wow how fast they grow. It's pretty amazing how fast time swooshes by, he'll be six months old soon. Congratulations to both Mimi and Felix on their new bundle of joy. He's lucky to have two such amazing people as parents. There's no doubt that he'll grow up to be an artist, he's got good taste and talent in his genes. Here are a couple of pictures of baby Léon, I've limited it to two to prevent cuteness overload: Mimi and Léon Léon and Auntie Janey

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