Sunday, February 12, 2012

Malcolm and soccer...

For the most part Malcolm's involvement in soccer this year has been a good experience for him. Despite Roger's intermittent frustration and disappointment at Malcolm's effort (sometimes it's been lacking), we have to look at the bright side. He's been exposed to competitive and organized sport, he's met with other boys/peers his age, and developed some motor skills that probably would have gone undeveloped during our wet and cold winter. It's a tough age; skill levels are across the board and I guess, since it's not baseball, crying is still pretty much allowed. By far the biggest challenge is to try and keep the kids focussed and attentive. Roger's former coaching experience was focused on 10-12 year olds who were simply at a different level. It's been a learning experience for all. By the look on Malcolm's face he at least seems to be enjoying himself. Here's a shot from the warm-up yesterday. Malcolm's soccer

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