Tuesday, August 07, 2012

20 years of Jay Hockey.

Roger's been playing ice hockey since he was in his twenties, yes he was kind of a late starter. He never played as a kid, playing full contact at the age of 11 wasn't so appealing considering the late start and his small stature at 11. Anyway, he started playing in an adult league in 1994 called Hockey North America and has been on the ice at least once a week ever since. In 2001 he was lucky to join a group called Jay Hockey out of 8 rinks. Really a good group of guys who started playing together in 1992 (Thursday nights). Thanks to Bill for introducing him to the group. Over the years there have been some tussles, even a taser incident, but mostly filled with good times and  lots of laughs. The group is pretty diverse with ages ranging from 15 - 60!

So to mark this special anniversary occasion Barry the organizer decided to put on an celebration in Whistler. Let's just say it was a jam packed weekend filled with many testosterone charged events including golf, shooting, hockey, card games and libation consumption. This trip made him realize how much he didn't know about the group he's played with for over 10 years. That's the great thing about the group though, or perhaps indicative of how well guys get along despite their varying levels of familiarity. Here's a picture of the group that came up to Whistler:

DSC_2505 - 2012-08-04 at 19-43-11

Congratulations to Barry and the crew for all his hard work in organizing such a successful event and his perseverance in keeping the Jay Hockey group going all these years. Thanks Barry. A special shout out to Steve for refereeing the game.

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