Saturday, August 11, 2012

Malcolm lost his first tooth.

first tooth Aug 11:2012
A couple of days ago Roger and Tracey noticed a small abscess developing above Malcolm's left central incisor. A quick visit to the dentist revealed that there was a small infection at the root of his baby tooth. We're keeping our fingers crossed that the infection will not affect the adult tooth (which is  still deep inside). The worst case scenario is that the tooth will be discoloured, but again we'll have to wait and see. We're all very proud of him, he was tough during the procedure having three needles administered and all. It's the first major work he's had done. He's been very lucky so far with zero cavities and good overall oral health. The dentist said that the infection probably stems from some sort of trauma, but the last time he's had any significant bump on the mouth was over a year ago. Well the family is happy that it's over, I think that Tracey and Grandma especially were concerned for him. He got to have a pretty special day filled with popcicles, ice cream and other soft foods to help ease the pain.

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