Monday, October 01, 2012

Grandma and Papa away for a week

It's been a whole week with Grandma and Papa away on their cruise. We're so glad they're back safe and sound. They spent a week away celebrating their 60th anniversary in Alaska. They were certainly missed during their absence.

So with Gomo away in Korea, Roger and Tracey have been trying to cover childcare with the bulk of their vacation over the summer. They have been splitting the duties throughout the week. With Malcolm back in school, most Daddydaycare days are filled with outings to the park, shopping, and even running errands. Last week Roger even took Melody on the skytrain and bus around town. With the sunny weather, Roger took Melody to New Brighton Park last week.
Melody at New Brighton

Here's a picture of Malcolm with one of the fantastic souvenirs that Grandma and Papa brought back from their trip. He's having a lot of fun with the magnets, not to mention all the other wonderful gifts they brought back. They mentioned that the ship was so huge that when they met people once, they never saw them again. The sheer enormity of the cruise ship is shocking.
Malcolm Grandma and Papa welcome home

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