Monday, October 08, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving 2012

Roger and Tracey wanted to give grandma a break this year by cooking the Thanksgiving dinner by themselves. It was an ambitious task, but all was successful. They even went with an organic turkey this year, which proved to be more expensive. The taste difference is up for debate, although moist, was it that much better than non-organic? The jury is still out on that one. Perhaps the moistness might have to do with brining as well. Also another first, they brined the turkey overnight. Well, all in all a good time was had by all. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Here are some shots of the kids and uncle Glen jumping on the trampoline: DSC_6067 - 2012-10-07 at 18-38-02 DSC_6095 - 2012-10-07 at 18-59-13 DSC_6099 - 2012-10-07 at 19-00-46 DSC_6044 - 2012-10-07 at 18-31-51 DSC_6052 - 2012-10-07 at 18-33-57 DSC_6061 - 2012-10-07 at 18-36-44

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