Thursday, January 23, 2014

Happy Birthday Tracey

Tuesday was Tracey's birthday. It's a bitter-sweet celebration knowing that Papa is still in the hospital. The good news is that he's doing much better, but we're all still unsure as to when he's actually coming home. We're guessing that the pneumonia has to be cleared up before any homecoming takes place. The hospital staff have him moving about, but now going on day 12 his mobility has been affected. They're also still dealing with some deep bruising on his legs, whether that means he needs a procedure is still up in the air. So the family (with uncle Glen) went out to dinner to celebrate. The kids gobbled down their dinners at the Old Spaghetti Factory and helped celebrate the event. Certainly, life with kids makes things more complicated. We pick the restaurants that cater to them, we choose times that make sense with their schedules and bedtimes, and ultimately we do it all for them. Good thing that Roger and Tracey are flexible and accomodating. untitled-6.jpg untitled-5.jpg untitled-3.jpg untitled-2.jpg untitled-1.jpg untitled-5.jpg untitled-4.jpg

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