Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Montreal et al.

Today was family day in BC. It's only been around for a couple of years now, but it's been a welcomed provincial stat holiday. We had Keith, Tamara and the kids come over for brunch and some family skating. It was a lot of fun. Why is it that long weekends especially never actually feel long enough. Also after the tough past few weeks with Papa in the hospital and other news about ill health with the family, we're all happy about having some extra time off anytime we can get it.

 I'm happy to report Roger's trip to Montreal for work went off without a hitch. It's hard for Tracey to hold down the fort by herself, but she managed very well. These days the sibling rivalry is still very much an issue and I'm sad to say that it's very one-sided. Both Roger and Tracey hope that he'll grow out of it, but these days "the face" rears it's ugly head more times than we'd like to mention. The kids on their own are really a pleasure, but put them together and it's often a chemical reaction or at least a ticking time bomb of when they're going to implode! Definitely it's a maturity issue, but somedays growing up can't happen fast enough.

Here are some pictures from the past few weeks: Family Day: untitled-3.jpg untitled-6.jpg untitled-13.jpg untitled-14.jpg untitled-1.jpg untitled-2.jpg untitled-4.jpg untitled-6.jpg untitled-5.jpg Montreal: untitled-2.jpg untitled-4.jpg untitled-9.jpg untitled-10.jpg untitled-11.jpg untitled-13.jpg untitled-16.jpg untitled-19.jpg Aiden's Birthday: untitled-11.jpg untitled-5.jpg untitled-16.jpg

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