Monday, May 26, 2014

Brandin and Chelsea visit grandma.

We had a visit from Brandin and Chelsea this past weekend and it was very nice. It was actually the whole family, Brandin, finance Stephanie, baby Lincoln, Chelsea, Rob and Theo. The kids have sure grown since Christmas. Mostly they just wanted to come by to pay their respects and to check in on how grandma was doing. It meant a lot to grandma to see everyone. It was an emotional visit, but it was quite touching to hear them thank grandma and papa for helping them throughout their lives. Now with children of their own, it's quite a development for grandma to see. Here are some pictures from the visit.






The most touching moment was when Brandin gave Grandma some money, he was trying to pay back a debt he owed from money borrowed in the past. Grandma said that it was the first time in the history that any any of the children paid money back. It meant a lot.

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