Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Farewell Papa.

Looking back at all the pictures and memories we can't but realize how much Papa meant to us. Papa was a kind-hearted soul that touched everyone he met. He had a certain charm that made him instantly endearing. Perhaps it was his warm smile, his jovial attitude or light-hearted demeanour, whatever it was, he was a likeable man that loved his family, especially his wife Nan. It's hard to believe that they've been together for 61 years. It's not often you see two people so connected, sweethearts since they were 16 years old.

I'm not sure many people know this, but he was a walking medical miracle. A man who was on a crazy cocktail of prescriptions, from aspirin to blood thinners. A man who has had innumerable medical procedures and operations with too many close calls to mention.  He certainly wasn't the poster-boy for good health, but you'd never know that from meeting him. I can personally attest that his mere presence has made my life richer. Malcolm and Melody had the fortune of growing up and living with a grandfather that loved them and cared about everything they did. He always had time for them, no matter how silly, no matter how trivial their request and actions were. We would all like to think that the past 7 years living together under one roof also enriched his life, made life more interesting and worthwhile from his side too.

This past Friday we lost a very important person, but a person who no longer has to live through the pain and discomfort of fighting illness. Many people, including doctors wouldn't have ever thought that he'd live past 80, well next February would have marked Papa Mel's 84th birthday, so there.

We will always love you Papa and you will never be forgotten. You were a great husband, father, grandfather, and friend. Most of all we're proud of you for being a fighter all those years. Thank you for everything you did, most of all thank you for being you. We miss you.

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