Monday, May 12, 2014

Happy Mother's Day and hospital visits.

All in all 2014 has been a tough year for the family, especially when it comes to health. With Papa and Uncle Glen in the hospital our days are filled with a lot of ups and downs. We really have to hang on to the bits of good news that pepper our lives. Most recently, uncle Glen's scope showed the total eradication of the tumor, now that's substantial. The radiation and chemo has done its job; however, now it's all about the recovery. As for Papa, we did hear some good news albeit small. He's fighting a new infection and the antibiotics after two days have had a significant impact. The doctor was worried about how he would respond, especially in light of all his other issues. We just have to keep his spirits up, today marks his fourth month in the hospital. I know that some days he feels like he'll never get home, we're all still hopeful. Here are some shots I took with some black and white Kodak Tri-x film.




Mother's Day

I wish I could say that Mother's Day is a day where we all have warm and fuzzy feelings. This is the second year in a row where the kids weren't necessarily on their best behaviour. The family had plans to go out for breakfast and this year even Gomo and Carol came along. Grandma decided to go and visit Papa at the hospital, as part of her usual morning. Tracey, Roger and the kids did have a surprise for her when she came back. They got her a zero gravity chair for outside. Now she's able to sit outside in the good weather and enjoy some rays. She admitted today that she even dozed off for a while, testament to the comfort of the chair no less.






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